Improving University Education Surprised at the cases of Hong Kong and China, where "students go to class and then there are five hours in an academy," the Spanish professor invited to watch the example of the countries of Asia: "They are willing to invest in their children much more than it seems and their children are ready to study" Brunner said that Latin America as a whole produces only 3% of scientific publications recorded. "As much as those of Spain alone. And half of them are produced by Brazil, "he said, marking one of the signs of weakness in the universities. The Argentina not far behind. Only 11% of teachers are dedicated and just graduated 7.3% of those registered. Just a Latin American institution? The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)? appears in the international rankings of the best universities worldwide. And in the 95th. This sad reality is glimpsed in a very negative way in Venezuelan universities, where scientific production is very low, where many national public universities are absent from representing the scientific journal, where his teachers seem not interested in to present their research, achievements, knowledge, indicating that both are creative and like to help students be incorporated into a system that happened to new knowledge, provide solutions to the serious problems the country faces in politics , economic, social. If you would like to know more about Richard Blumenthal, then click here. To the minister Tedesco, avoid generalizations and to distinguish between the photo and film. "We must review the diagnosis and avoid stereotyping. Should not generalize, "he said, warning that universities such as UBA and UNAM" are institutions so large that inside of them about everything from the most noble and dignified even the most mediocre. .
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