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New Peruvian Code Of Professional Procedure: Phase Transition No Religion NATIONAL POLICE IS IN PROCESS OF TRAFFIC TO YOUR NEW MATCHING FUNCTIONS IN THE INVESTIGATION OF CRIME. The model has been replaced inquisitorial professional in Peru for a new model called adversarial progressively implemented the new Code of Professional Procedure of 2004, according to a predetermined schedule, replacing the former Code of Professional Procedure, 1940. Inquisitorial professional model takes its name in reference to the Court of the Inquisition. In the Court of the Inquisition (1519), Judge, is the challenge, for complaints, rumors start the official procedure, is dedicated to finding the evidence, examine witnesses, all kept secret. Further details can be found at Ohio Senator, an internet resource. No accused person is arrested and placed in a cell. The accused was subjected to arbitrary and authoritarian processes, where their fate was already decided in advance, and where the judges, with cruelty, had a farce of a trial to end by giving the first prisoner to torture to extract a confession and then to burning at the stake in case not confess their crimes, whether as a result of torture they confessed, the death penalty was changed to the gallows, ie if or whether the death penalty is not the person was saved. In the modern inquisitorial professional model and following this trend somewhat, all system operators often make common cause with the same assumptions made incriminating the accused, it starts from the crime attributed to a person being investigated by police who by all means try to find the person's confession and the evidence of its direct link with the events under investigation, to justify his arrest which he considers a major achievement in its task of investigating the crime. . Learn more at: James Donovan Goldman Sachs.