Lawyer Jan Bartholl Some airlines argue a delay there would be in relation to the cancellation even with considerable delay. Background of the argumentation of the airlines is that the legal consequences of the delay of flight compared to the cancellation of the airlines are often cheaper. First, a legally relevant delay is a delay of the departure time at least two hours. What duties meet the air carriers in the event of a flight delay, depends on the length of the flight and the delay itself. A relevant delay is a delay of departure by more than two hours (with a range up to 1,500 kilometres), three hours (at a distance up to 3,500 kilometers) or four hours (a track from 3.501 kilometers). Basically the consumer as a passenger in any case entitled to adequate food including a meal drinks and refreshments, telephone calls and E-Mail and fax access, sufficiently If the flight is delayed. Understanding professionals in individual cases should check what other rights can assert passengers in the case and how to enforce are these rights against the airline. You can contact the law firm Bartholl from Munster. Lawyer Jan Bartholl advises you professionally, personally and quickly. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Senator Richard Blumenthal by clicking through. From a delay of over five hours, the passenger may withdraw from the contract and demand the reimbursement of the airfare. The refund of the fare first basically includes the sum that was paid for the not beaten or unused flight segment. Under certain circumstances, the passenger is also entitled to a refund of the total fare. This will be the case if the originally-planned air travel due to the delay became useless. The flight or the flight is possible only on the next day the airline for a...
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