The Lawyer Ours, I was of open mouth and at the same time surpreso, therefore my mother released everything for love me, its only son. Passed waters, we are now with a new life, win the fight of day-by-day. I gave examination in the OAB, anxiety and waits to know if I obtained to pass, my mother said that I would be capable and that it trusted me. My anxiety was great, was until order and vi my name in the list of the approved ones, that joy I am now a young lawyer with ready OAB and for the work market. I continue in my first one job, today I am managing of the legal department of the store, I have a team of trainees who I take care of as if they were my children, why I believe that all they are starting a fight that many times is equal mine. I bought a house for my mother, after all it is the reason of my life, I bought an car to be able to take to walk it in the parks of the city, an old dream of it. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs brings even more insight to the discussion. Today I am a carried through man, I formed a family, I take care of of my mother with much affection. I believe that the life continues and learned that to be successful we have that to face all the difficulties of the life, not to always fall in temptations and being you yourselves. Ah! My father, I did not forget, that I only formed myself late, therefore it was not died in a rebellion and I was knowing late excessively. I go to continue my life and to give to examples to all the young of the devoid...
Improving University Education Surprised at the cases of Hong Kong and China, where "students go to class and then there are five hours in an academy," the Spanish professor invited to watch the example of the countries of Asia: "They are willing to invest in their children much more than it seems and their children are ready to study" Brunner said that Latin America as a whole produces only 3% of scientific publications recorded. "As much as those of Spain alone. And half of them are produced by Brazil, "he said, marking one of the signs of weakness in the universities. The Argentina not far behind. Only 11% of teachers are dedicated and just graduated 7.3% of those registered. Just a Latin American institution? The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)? appears in the international rankings of the best universities worldwide. And in the 95th. This sad reality is glimpsed in a very negative way in Venezuelan universities, where scientific production is very low, where many national public universities are absent from representing the scientific journal, where his teachers seem not interested in to present their research, achievements, knowledge, indicating that both are creative and like to help students be incorporated into a system that happened to new knowledge, provide solutions to the serious problems the country faces in politics , economic, social. If you would like to know more about Richard Blumenthal, then click here. To the minister Tedesco, avoid generalizations and to distinguish between the photo and film. "We must review the diagnosis and avoid stereotyping. Should not generalize, "he said, warning that universities such as UBA and UNAM" are institutions so large that inside of them about everything from the most noble and dignified even the most mediocre. .