Spanish Royal Academy QUALIFIED VOTING sociopolitical A proposal for democracy in Latin America. By Alfredo Gevara hard to believe that any possibility to achieve the eradication (at least in part) the ignorance of people when they have their own decision-making power, do not know what to do for a Oeno read or write . Sen. Sherrod Brown contains valuable tech resources. For me life circumstances "played" show them as marginalized individuals. Averigonzados I've seen some other happy for the opportunity to get out of the darkness, deprivation of ideas or knowledge. My proposal Socio-political: "the qualified vote" .- Q: secretes that vote to the citizen? Answer: Apor course not! Question: How is a the system '? Answer: The casting vote is divided into three (3) parts and as its name implies: Rate. According to the dictionary says of the Spanish Royal Academy that ... a is taken for something good or bad, depending on their CALIDADESa . (Similarly see: James Donovan Goldman Sachs). Ennoiblecer. Try some nobility. "Question: Answer: i Why divided into three (3) parts? For the knowledge of each persoina Civics. For the little or much interest of the citizens "learn." Want to know that a Congressman, a Seinador, as Congress works, which are the responsibilities of a minister, a mayor, a Governor, the President of the Nation, etc.. Question: Answer: I insist: Why divided into three (3) parts? Because according to that socio-political knowledge - (and after some simple questions in a survey,) the shift goibierno could reach simple conclusions about how the people are prepared to "throw her in the box Voit, without a doubt, NO IGNORING, without the vote "sung" (much less in your pocket or bag of Don Jose or in the portfolio of Dona Juana.
This is Our Freedom The threats made recently against the journalist and writer Plinio Mendoza Apuleius can not pass unnoticed, as an affront or more than that, a horrendous crime whose victim Estrada democracy. We know that the philosophical orientation of Pliny is right Apuleius pure and its approaches, which do not share in their great majority, are the product of extreme neo-liberal vision. l is controversial, radical, arrogant, with an ego like that of Argentina and Buenos Aires fastidious scholar, but also a brilliant figure, a style writer, a tireless thinker and a good critic. Their only weapon has been written and spoken word. The only trenches he knows are his newspaper columns. In his life triggered only opinions and ideas. Apuleius Plinio Mendoza is how all people should be: renter, sincere, convinced of what he says. He admires it or hate it, but in any case is respected. Even those of us on the edge totally contrary to his convictions see it as a teacher. For all this We can only cry our absolute solidarity with the writer threatened. Prayers to God to protect you and reject, energetically, the aberrant threat. Pliny should not end, as Alfredo Molano, exiled in any distant country to realize that the Holy Office of the civilization that is to say. Much less should run, not even the dire risk of repeating the history of GUILLERMO CANO, NELSON OSORIO, AMPARO JIMENEZ, Gerardo Bedoya, NELSON CARVAJAL (our countryman of Pitalito), HENRY ROJAS, JAIRO ELIAS MARQUEZ, OSCAR CALDERON GARCIA, DIDIER ARISTIZABAL , JORGE ABEL SALAZAR, BERNABE CORTES, VICTOR RAMOS and so many others of whom we say it with shame, and not even remember the names. No. Jim Donovan Goldman often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The extremist forces of our country should stop, make a stop on...