National Politics In the hospital institutions, whose essential mission is to more take care of its patients of the adjusted form, the quality in the attendance if directly makes more urgent and imperious due to the organizacionais processes and administrative complexes, but nor complete and coherent who finish affecting its efficiency and effectiveness, always intervening with the given assistance. Considering the relevance of the project of humanizao in hospital institutions so that the users can enjoy of a humanizado attendance and with quality on the part of all the institucional team are necessary that a comprometimento with the profession exists, mainly when are mentioned to the attendance offered in the public services on the part of the doctors, who oppose the Code of Ethics of its profession. One becomes necessary to speak of the importance of the professional of Social Service that in turn is a professional who works in the right perspective and in the guarantee of the goods of services that the users need. Valley the penalty to say that this does not limit only the professionals of Social Service, but in accordance with National Politics of Health is priority that all the users have the disposal a humanizado attendance, that respects the dignity of the person human being, with respect and attention. Thus, a proposal of humanizado attendance can restore the welfare physicist, psychic and social of the users of the health services, rescuing the dignity and commitment with the patient, knows that the technology is an used basic tool for one diagnosiss more necessary in benefits physicist of the patients. The quality in the attendance has been considered as a differentiator, therefore it comes to the meeting of the expectations of the users. For this reason, the hospital institution, opting to this attendance for the human being, is...
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