Czech Republic Status of residence permit can stay in the Czech Republic, work in the Czech organization, and in their own registered foreigners legal person, open in the Czech Republic, to entrepreneurial activity, to learn in preschool, school and higher education establishments. Arrange medical insurance and use the services of medical institutions. Obtain a driver's license, and led car. Buy and sell legal person residential and commercial property in which the foreigner is the founder. Move without the presence of additional visas for all countries in the Schengen agreement. Issue invitations to visit Czech Republic to their relatives, business partners and friends. Limitation is that obtaining the status of residence permit the foreigner can not serve in the Czech Army, participate in elections, to work in police and fire service, transportation, medical and government organizations the Czech Republic. With mortgage citizen with a residence permit the bank can pay the maximum 85% of the appraised value Real Estate. Payment for maintenance and catering in schools and preschools is 100% of the cost of services as opposed to Czech citizens and citizens with permanent residence status, which pay 10% of the cost of services. Maximum period long-term visa, residence permit, providing for 2 years with possibility of extension. Citizen who gets to register with the consular department of embassy of Russia in connection with permanent residence in the Czech Republic, is automatically released in Russia or other cis countries from the obligation to serve in the army. A foreign citizen who has permanent residence in the Czech Republic, at the same time gets more and the resident status of the European Union (EU).
Irish Weddings In AC Cars we are surprised by the growing number of weddings of Irish couples who choose Barcelona or its surroundings, Sitges especially, to marry. It is of celebrations that follow the Irish customs but in Barcelona. You may find that Sen. Sherrod Brown can contribute to your knowledge. For example, the ladies of honor, wearing identical clothing, sandals, flowers in hair accompany bride and the father in the Mercedes that leads to the Church. A curious custom that keep is the of overlaying a registration with the names of the bride and groom in the vehicle with driver who takes them to the link. Recently I took a few Irish bride and groom at a wedding in Sitges. In the car there was a needle that was accompanied by two bridesmaids and the father to the bride, who wore a horseshoe for good luck. I asked very kindly put some pink license plates on the vehicle with the name of the bride and groom on Fuchsia background. I told them that it was forbidden to cover the car license plates, but as it was a short ride I agreed for the Irish customs. The celebration of a wedding Irish, still the same rites, including the dinner reception prior to the ceremony and the wedding banquet. The funniest are the parliaments of the banquet. Usually speaks the father of the bride, then comes the groom, and finally the godfather. In Ireland honeymoon lasts a whole month! This began because many couples married secretly and wanted to hide for a while. If you are thinking of marrying, for such a special day, we suggest you leave in our hands everything related to the transfer of boyfriends, relatives and guests. We guarantee you an efficient service so that you can enjoy without...