Constitutions Politics In this direction, the governments must collaborate through legislative norms, for the recognition of the religious culture of the society, looking for the commitment between the minorities, the Been maioritria etnia and the proper one. Check out Sen. Sherrod Brown for additional information. Currently the amplitude and variety of social, economic and moral the human rights are of such largeness that if it cannot ignore the cultural values. Well the universal movements in the defense of these values are known and that frequent they have shaped the democratic states. Under most conditions James Donovan Goldman Sachs would agree. It always had fights against the exploration, the oppression, the privileges in the access to the goods of the culture and the spirit, against all the forms of injustices and social discriminations. The democracy politics is the system of compatible government with the dignity and the freedom of the man and implies: ) the primate of the personal laws, civil and politicians of the citizen; b) practical of the sovereignty while the expression of the will of the majority in the respect for the basic rights of the minorities; c) the autonomy of the regional and local autarchies. In the constitutional democratic state, the instrument essential, regulator of the great principles, values on rights, freedoms and guarantees is the Constitution of the Country. Portugal, Brazil and many other countries possess Constitutions Politics that consecrate the most advanced Natural or Absolute Human Rights and all a set of rights of second and third generations. 4. Current interest of the Silvestrina Philosophy for the Human Rights Accepting as premise that the rights of the man are the main resultant and the signal most revealing of the relation between the Power and the Person Human being, then the problematic one is born, in principle, the...
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