The Pupils To arrive at this objective the professor he launches hand of its different formative capacities and metodolgicas, epistemolgicas and pedagogical, that is, it becomes involved itself as a whole to produce a reaction to its interpellation. To this we call pedagogical capacity of the professor. The concretion or of this capacity is not the one that differentiates the professor who gets ' ' resultados' ' , of what it does not obtain ' ' resultados' ' next to the pupils. The attitudes and the expectations of each professor, the organization of its lessons, the methodology that uses and the evaluation criteria and of valuation that use influence of direct form in the emotions, the auto-concept, auto-esteem, the identity as apprentice and the motivation of the pupils. (MARCHESI, 2006, P. 37). But it has a questioning that it needs to be made: the pupil can learn without interference of the professor? Yes. The pupil can learn without the aid of the professor and that is very common, however, in those learnings where it has a bigger degree of complexity becomes important and essential the aid and the intervention of the professor. we could say that how much bigger is the difficulty presented for the pupil biggest it is the dependence and the necessity of the professor. Therefore, for those pupils who are more dependents of the master, one becomes crucial and imperious to depend on it to surpass its limitations and to acquire its autonomy. That is, we could say that the dependence is the cause of its proper overcoming. When the school if considers to work in this direction with its pupils, the construction of its autonomy, if it constitutes by itself in pedagogical process. ' ' ... the pupils less capable, those with limited abilities for the learning, need...
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