Timely Manner Incentive Programs The greenback extended its gains late a The U.S. data were negative a The stock market reupero Night view a The USD is likely to consolidate a The majors should begin their prices little changed on Monday in Asia on Monday for times EASTERN (-5 GMT) a Perhaps the assistant U.S. Treasury secretary, Kashkari, talk will be a day with few publications. Summary The USD had a day of active trade, and only towards the end of trading session, managed to gain ground against the EUR and GBP. Dollar investors cautious behaved for most of the day Thursday, as they were awaiting the decisions of the European central banks. It is worth noting that the Weekly Unemployment Claims showed a reading of 481K, slightly above expectations of 480K. Also, investors carefully analyze data unemployment, including unemployment rate, which is estimated to be 6.2%. Perhaps part of the momentum of the USD is due to the advertising incentive programs that the United States government has introduced a timely manner. There is currently a debate in Washington DC, it involves the possibility that the government work with car manufacturers. The values of commodities, particularly oil, were low yesterday, stressing that global demand is declining. Today should be expected a busy day of trading for the USD, as investors are likely to remain cautious, at least until they are disclosed data about jobs. The maximum record book in the area of 1. 5879, then dropped, the purchases in relation to the GBP and EURO were not able to pick up those coins.
The Same He questions, still, if the individual memory can be enough or if it needs the memory of the others as abutment and reinforcement, defending the idea of that is as members of groups that we remember. However, Halbwachs standes out the necessity of points of contact between the souvenirs, therefore we only can find support external, that is, in the story of the others, if I keep some thing of the shared experiences. For the sharing of the memories, beyond the convivncia with the group, it is necessary that these if relate and if they complement, that the basic one in the individual memory is, exactly, the social dimension: So that our memory if assists with the one of the others, it is not enough that they in them bring its deposition: it is necessary despite it has not ceased to agree to its memories and that she sufficiently has points of contact between one and the others so that the souvenir that remembers in them can be reconstructed on a common bedding. It is not enough to reconstitute to part for part the image of an event of the past to get a souvenir. It is necessary that this reconstruction if operates from data and common slight knowledge that if find in such a way in our spirit as in the one of the others, because they pass incessantly of these for that one and reciprocal, what she is only possible if they had made and they continue to be part of one same society. Thus we only can understand that a souvenir can at the same time recognized and be reconstructed. (HALBWACHS, 1990, p.34). The author still presents two consideraes strengthening these relations between the rememorao and the social conviviality, which he himself points easily as accepted.

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