Common Zones The neighbor communities are many who at some time raise to their lawyer the posiblidad to rent common zones with a view to generating income extraordinary. Communitarian parkings or roofs for the installation of solar panels are generally usable. What forecasts there are to observe to undertake this action? Essentially the necessary majority so that the adopted agreement is valid. We must observe Art. 17 of the Law of Horizontal Property, which arranges how the agreements in Proprietor Meeting must be adopted, and in whose point first it is asserted that for the validity in the agreements that imply the approval or modification of the rules contained in the constituent title of the horizontal property or in the statutes of the community the unamimity will be necessary, indicating itself in this same section of Art. 17, in the final interjection of the paragraph second of which " The renting of common elements that it does not have assigned a specific use in the building will also require the favorable vote of the three fifth parts of proprietors who, as well, represent the three fifth parts of the quotas of participation, as well as of the proprietors directly affected, if hubiere". This article that apparently can be contradictory even for lawyers, in fact is not it, since the jurisprudence is constant and pacific understanding that the true aim is to obtain special a qualified majority for the leasing of common elements; it without entering to value if such action can imply or not a modification of the constituent title or the statutes, something that in the majority of the cases ocurri.
Administrator Study 1. The importance of the work of field for the Course of Geography - For the Gegrafo, the importance to carry through field works if summarizes in knowing in the practical one what if it learns in classroom 1,1 Its purposes and objectives - Has as main purpose to raise the level of knowledge of the pupil and to offer to a bigger contact with its object of 1,2 study Desenvolver a theoretician-practical work - Through the Work of Field the pupil places in practical the concepts learned in classroom and knows the object more deeply to be studied to 1,3 the field work serves only for the Gegrafo? - For the Gegrafo it is important to know, for example, as one determined society if constituted and if it developed partner-economic - However, we must understand that the field work is of great importance for other professions/courses, example: Lawyer, Administrator, Engineer, etc. A leading source for info: Sen. Sherrod Brown. 1,4 Defining/directing the Work of Field the Work of Field is divided in some stages until if arriving at a final report. Subject: to choose a subject/study object on which if it intends to work b. Object of study/work: it must be related to subject c. Date: it must be adjusted so that all can participate d. Programming: place definition/hour of meeting of the participants for the beginning of the activities, to be made passage focando the main points of the study place, stops for snack, and schedule of return e. Objectives of the work: what it is intended to learn/to reach with the work (can be divided in stages or groups) f. Evaluation or Activity/Report of Field: a story of what it was learned during the developed activity, where the main comments are described on the study object, without...

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