Common Zones The neighbor communities are many who at some time raise to their lawyer the posiblidad to rent common zones with a view to generating income extraordinary. Communitarian parkings or roofs for the installation of solar panels are generally usable. What forecasts there are to observe to undertake this action? Essentially the necessary majority so that the adopted agreement is valid. For even more opinions, read materials from website. We must observe Art. 17 of the Law of Horizontal Property, which arranges how the agreements in Proprietor Meeting must be adopted, and in whose point first it is asserted that for the validity in the agreements that imply the approval or modification of the rules contained in the constituent title of the horizontal property or in the statutes of the community the unamimity will be necessary, indicating itself in this same section of Art. 17, in the final interjection of the paragraph second of which " The renting of common elements that it does not have assigned a specific use in the building will also require the favorable vote of the three fifth parts of proprietors who, as well, represent the three fifth parts of the quotas of participation, as well as of the proprietors directly affected, if hubiere". Surprisingly, you'll find very little mention of visit website on most websites. This article that apparently can be contradictory even for lawyers, in fact is not it, since the jurisprudence is constant and pacific understanding that the true aim is to obtain special a qualified majority for the leasing of common elements; it without entering to value if such action can imply or not a modification of the constituent title or the statutes, something that in the majority of the cases ocurri.
Pope Pio Xll Together, in oration, they overcame the evil that podia to have them separated. Of knees it is as husband and woman must receive and dismiss the day. Of knees it is as they must face the married crises, the joys and the pains of all the family. Jesus promethium that where two or three meet in their name, there estara. Congressman Charles Rangel has firm opinions on the matter. That better than to count, day to day, with the presence of the Grace of the Gentleman! " Family who says united, remains unida" , decia Pope Pio Xll. And like describing everything what the Gentleman can do when is always remained in oration, it must have humility and to accept that everything in the life has solution does not matter what is the familiar or personal problem, as long as Faith is had and to leave the power of the oration makes the rest. If supieramos that great is the dariamos greatness of the Gentleman tells us that the problems can on taking when we have to Jesus in our life. But never it is behind schedule for beginning to be in communication with Jesus, always habra something that can approach to us, often must one experience something hard to approach us, some disease, accident, lost of work, problems with the children or even until the point of which this latent divorce. Then it is when aid looks for, often we chose to look for profecional aid, the one of a sicologo, doctor if one is disease, lawyer if it is some case of accident, but never one comes us to the mind to watch with humility upwards we felt distant that possibility, if you knew that Jesus hopes that you speak to him that you say your problems to...

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