Germany Nazista Communist governments had been implanted in busy countries to follow cartilha of Moscow, exactly before the war finishing, generating many claims on the part of Roosevelt and Churchill. The measure that the Russian mother sacrificed its children to the thousands to defeat the German army, Stalin became each more demanding time in its negotiations. ***** The war advanced and the movement of the troops throughout the tray demanded revisions and new plans. Initially the objective biggest of the allied forces converged to an only point, exactly that this could be reached by different ways. The meeting carried through in the Conferences had been basic to guide the strategy of the joint military forces around the main objective: to defeat the axle. Everything seemed sufficiently clearly until the day that Hitler if killed and Germany Nazista it was defeated. The common enemy greater left to exist and the Allies of had old started to display of form each clearer time its real interests of domain for the world postwar period. In face of the ideological contradictions and the interests of domination in influence areas each bigger time on the planet, the leaders Allies had gradually planted the seeds of the discords, and none was made use to yield its military conquests. The interest was each bigger time on the estates of the defeated empires, mainly of the British Empire. It was the germination of the seeds of the Cold War. Roosevelt defended an occupation of the countries defeated based in governments pro-Americans, elect for the local population. He had the conscience that the financial capacity of U.S.A. in loaning money and helping in the reorganization of these countries would be the biggest weapon at the mercy of to place them of the interests of U.S.A. On the other hand, arguing the...

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