Governmental Building Near Kabul An insurgent group attacked the office of the regional governor. There are dead at least 19 and 34 hurt after the attack to the style " fedayn" , in that the attackers fight until the death. At least 19 people, the majority civil, died this Sunday and 34 were wounded in an attack of an insurgent commando against a governmental building in the Afghan central province of Parwan, near Kabul, according to informed an official source. The objective of the attack is the office of the regional governor located in the city of Charikar, capital of Parwan, where a confrontation armed between the integrists and the forces of security is being registered. " According to our information, 16 people are dead, most civilians, and other 29 have been heridas" , the director in functions of the provincial department of Health said, Mir Alam. The spokesman of the Afghan Ministry of the Interior, Sediq Sidiqui, based in between the five and six insurgents and explained that some of them detonated explosive charges " in patio" of he soothes of the governor of Parwan, Abdul Basir Salangi. Other civil servants of local administration mentioned by Afghan means located the number of detonations in five, and needed that one of them took place in a patio and another one inside soothes of the governor. The Ministry explained that " a suicidal terrorist exploded the explosive charge that carried in a vehicle next to the entrance to the office of the governor, which allowed other five terrorists to enter complejo" , he says the note. In agreement with this version, three of those insurgents were lowered by the Afghan forces of security, whereas other two were able to detonate the explosive devices that they took adhered to his body. Helicopters of the international forces...

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