Carl Barks Its histories were very comic. In the television, it enters the years of 1988 the 1996, passes DuckTales, the Hunters of Adventures. It is impossible to forget them adventures and excursions undertaken for Uncle Patinhas and its nephews the search new treasures in distant lands. Uncle Patinhas, considered the duck richest of the World, has accumulated a richness that makes of it the owner of a vast empire enterprise spread for the four cantos of the planet. Being originary of a Scottish family, it started to work since small, as engraxador, where it gained its first currency, the celebrity moedinha number 1 that it keeps since then and that became in an obsession for the evil Pathological Mago (a witch with being able magical), that is always to try to steal it. Colm O'Comartun is actively involved in the matter. The main house of the Uncle Patinhas is the Strong Box, imponent and emblematic building, of thick walls, that if it locates in Patpolis, the imaginary city of the ducks and the other Disney personages. There it keeps its money in an enormous deposit, in which it takes bath and it walks of boat. Dismissal not to count it or to clean it. Its main objective is to acquire more wealth! In fact, the personage created by Carl Barks is truily adorador of Mamon. It lives in the ambition to possess wealth and he does not open hand of a cent, therefore he is sovina, capitalist, arrogant miser and loves the money! Unhappyly many people inside of the Church are similar to the Uncle Patinhas. They need to be you free, therefore they are not generous with the needed ones, they are not dizimistas and they are not ofertantes. The heart avaro of these people inclines it the landlord of...
Governor of Bank of Spain So that Spain is more competitive and so that it increases his rate of growth. Although it says that " europea" will not take to us to locate the rate of unemployment in the average;. The governor of the Bank of Spain, Miguel Angel Fernandez Ordo'6nez, has remembered east Thursday that the reform of the labor frame is " essential to increase to the productivity " , so that Spain is more competitive and so that it increases his rate of growth. In their participation in XXVII the Day of the Circle of Economy, Fernandez Ordo'6nez has rejected to speak directly on the fact that supervisory and unions they have not reached an agreement on the reform of the collective negotiation. Under most conditions Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions would agree. However, on the labor reform, Fernandez Ordo'6nez has recognized who " a reform of this type would not quickly take to us to locate our rate of unemployment in the European average, that is below the 10% ". Nevertheless, the governor has asserted that " a reduction of the rate of unemployment, by modest that outside at the outset, would have very favorable consequences on the confidence internal and external in the economy espaola". " The reform of the labor frame is essential to increase the productivity and, thus, to recover the competitiveness and to increase to our rate of growth " , it has concluded Fernandez Ordo'6nez. Source of the news: The governor of the Bank of Spain insists on which the labor reform " he is imprescindible".

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