Governor of Bank of Spain So that Spain is more competitive and so that it increases his rate of growth. Although it says that " europea" will not take to us to locate the rate of unemployment in the average;. The governor of the Bank of Spain, Miguel Angel Fernandez Ordo'6nez, has remembered east Thursday that the reform of the labor frame is " essential to increase to the productivity " , so that Spain is more competitive and so that it increases his rate of growth. In their participation in XXVII the Day of the Circle of Economy, Fernandez Ordo'6nez has rejected to speak directly on the fact that supervisory and unions they have not reached an agreement on the reform of the collective negotiation. Under most conditions Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions would agree. However, on the labor reform, Fernandez Ordo'6nez has recognized who " a reform of this type would not quickly take to us to locate our rate of unemployment in the European average, that is below the 10% ". Nevertheless, the governor has asserted that " a reduction of the rate of unemployment, by modest that outside at the outset, would have very favorable consequences on the confidence internal and external in the economy espaola". " The reform of the labor frame is essential to increase the productivity and, thus, to recover the competitiveness and to increase to our rate of growth " , it has concluded Fernandez Ordo'6nez. Source of the news: The governor of the Bank of Spain insists on which the labor reform " he is imprescindible".
The Provisory Government However, although all the contrary forces, were to the sound of this hymn that we know well, however with verses of the Ovdio appeals court judge Hail of Oak and Hiss that the English frigate Volage, raised anchors leading D. Peter I and its family for the exile in the Europe. According to Luis Heitor de Azevedo Leather strap, our hymn was ' ' executed between girndolas of alive rockets and entusisticos' ' , when of the departure of D. Peter I, in 13 of April of 1831.Com the announcement of the republic, the governing had opened a competition for the choice and officialization of a new hymn. Leopoldo Miguez was the winner, however the people did not accept. With the innumerable contrary popular manifestations to the adoption of the new hymn, then the president of the Republic, Deodoro of the Fonseca, officialized as Brazilian National Hymn the composition of Francisco Manuel Da Silva and established that the composition of Leopoldo Miguez would be the Hymn of the Announcement of the Republic. The letter written for the journalist and poet Joaquin Osrio Duke Road, became finally official, during the centenarian of the Announcement of Independence in 1822. With the orquestrao of Antonio Republican Assis and instrumentation for band of the lieutenant Antonio Young chicken Jnior, the vocal adaptation was made by Alberto Nepomuceno, when then it was forbidden to the execution of any other vocal arrangements or artistic-instruments in the hymn. It will be this what we are attending in the day the day in our country? DECREE N. 171, OF 20 OF JANUARY OF 1890' ' It conserves the National Hymn and it adopts of the Announcement of the Repblica.' ' ' ' The Provisory Government of the Republic of the United States of Brazil consisting of the Army...

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