To Answer Surveys And To Make Money Reality Or Fiction Much people do not understand the concept of answering surveys and to make money, they think that the concept they pay that you by your opinions seems too good to be truth and seemed a swindle. I have the good news for you, is not it. Nevertheless some sites exaggerate the amount of money that you can win and until they can deal with cbrate if they themselves have some survey. The paid surveys become because the companies need this information to improve their products and power to sell more of them. When a company is about to put in the market a new product tries to orient it towards a particular group of people. The company is put in contact with a network site that is dedicated to the paid surveys and it requests a survey to them directed to a particular segment of the population. There it is where you can enter. A company of sport equipment can need the opinions the men between 18 and 24 years, whereas one of kitchen wants the opinion of the women between 40 and 45 years. When these within the group put of the survey, the company it sends an invitation to participate to you and it will say to you how and how much they go to pagarte by the survey. The paid surveys are repetitive and tedious. The truth is that the company wants to obtain the data that has been needing reason why for many similar questions. After completing the survey, the company poll pays to you and the contracting company receives its information. Now the company knows how to improve its product to be sold it to people and in the end to make more money. The company poll received its payment to distribute the survey, and...

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