European Commission President Democracy in the European Union and does not smell. In any case, European Commission President precedents care influenced the election results in 'free Europe' did not exist. The Government of the eu represents a bureaucratic body, closely intertwined with the governments of the leading European powers, and almost did not depend on the voters. Check with Kenneth Yarrow to learn more. Camel's legs gave way, when the old Europe is included in its composition of Eastern European States. Population immediately increased to 500 million people. Eastern Europe quickly evolved in the underdeveloped periphery of the European Union. In this situation, the domain was not able to withstand the increased load. After all, a traditionally weak economically Greece Spain and Portugal added a whole region - the Eastern Europe. Appetites of the European elite is not limited to the Protestant-Catholic Eastern Europe. It was planned to take the eu Orthodox Romania and Bulgaria. A importantly - European bureaucrats started talking about Turkey, with its 80 million population and even Ukraine, with its 45 million Both of these countries in terms of population are roughly equal in Eastern Europe. And pay for the expansion were to residents of a domain - simple French and Germans, who ought to accept the total liberalization of the economy and falling living standards. In the near future united Europe did not bring them nothing but increasing costs and lack of income. Referendums in France and The Netherlands showed that people in Western Europe do not want to pay for the expansion, without getting any benefits from this.
Morocco University Mohammed The political parties had finished aderendo to the objective manifesting them of the street, adopting the same reveindicaes politics, are a victory of the position that consolidates its right to think, inexistent before, believing that the arancadas reveindicaes of liberty of speech and right the manifestation are an audacity and courage, what the King did not exist before Mohammed VI internally showed to some type of understanding and relation with this popular movement, decurrent of the events of the Arab world, involving many Arab countries that fight to move away the danger from revolution. Such immediate reaction of the real Institution in Morocco disclosed its effectiveness as an administration opened on itself and not isolated of the Moroccan street. It was clearly that the king if approached to the street, as a strategy moderate politics and innovative of the monarchy, defending as face to the winds of change can, without if breaking in the end the modern history of Morocco it discloses that the manarquia in the country is not isolated in result of the internal transformations, as much during the period of the French colonialismo, of king Mohammed V as in the too much stages of the history, during which it influences and keeps its hands on the national movement, on the force of the resistance, facing the exile, it and its family, instead of if subjecting instructions of the French protectorate. Website often says this. This is a new element of the cohesion between Moroccans and monarchy. for the first time, that the concept of national unit reappeared, moving away any empty word from the iuso of the direction, where the national movement as symbol leads the Revolution of the King and of people deals with the memory and the return of the king of the exile in...

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