Ural Mountains Presence Under the new Forest Code, forest areas with selling the property is now prohibited, and this means that the previously issued sections rise sharply in price. Today, cut down the tree is 10.5 rubles, and the plant - 500-1000 rubles, including planting materials, transportation costs and performance. Therefore, parts of the forest will always be more expensive. Ekaterinburg metropolis located on the eastern slope of the mountain - the Ural Mountains, which defines the main drain of the rivers of the region - this is the south - east. Prevailing wind rose is directed to the north - east, by the way this same 'wind rose' for a long time said 'Kyshtym footprint' on the field after passing through the K-Ural. It is not for anyone no secret that the main pollutants of the Ural region are Pervouralsk Revda Polevskoy where all highly dispersed periodic table, getting up in the air, moved to Yekaterinburg, where there is its Environmental breath - 94% of which are automobile exhaust. All this 'charm', depending on the faction, eventually settles on the ground, forming a characteristic halo, some of which rain washes into the rivers. Historically Historically, all kinds of landfills, livestock, disposal in the region are located mainly in the south. Therefore, the main criterion in selecting a site under its "family nest" is still ECOLOGY. The ideal place for such settlement must meet the following conditions: 1 - Proximity to the metropolis (the first radius of 30-40 km available), 2 - environmental cleanliness to the presence of water sources, rich in flora and fauna, the mandatory the absence of burials and burial of radioactive 3 - seats cost demanded in the future (a powerful channel with significant freight traffic), 4 - to connect to networks (road, gas, electricity, communications); 5 - the...
Plaster With the help of plaster to create texture, imitating natural stone, old parchment, leather, 'crumpled tissue. " Plaster walls solves the most unusual tasks: visually enhances the space, creating additional volumes in the room or, alternatively, to form a comfortable and cozy interiors, but also reverse many of the shortcomings of planning premises. Not long ago, decorative plaster walls was seen as a rare and unusual. But designers so quickly appreciated all the advantages of this phenomenon, which today is one of enjoying the great popularity materials used as a finishing not only for walls, facades and interiors. Manifests itself especially plaster walls inside buildings and on building facades. Here, using this material have the opportunity to create an entire composition. At the moment, particularly popular textured decorative plaster walls. Decorative panels can be applied both at the wall, and in some parts of it. They can also be mobile - appearing on the plates in the frames, screens, partitions. The color scale of the relief can be changed as often as required, with the cardinal. This will create new feelings and mood. There decorative plaster of several types: Color - on lime-sand mortar with the addition of pigments; stone - on a stone mortar with some crushed rock; terrazitovaya - of specially prepared terrazitovyh mixtures (quartz sand, stone powder, mica, hydrated lime and cement); sgraffito - two or more colored solutions of different colors, making it possible to create a relief colorful drawing. Color lime-sand plaster more efficient.

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